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Residential Finance

S.Crow Collateral

S.Crow Collateral Corp. began business in 1982, with a consulting contract with what was then the largest savings and loan institution in the United States and a very major mortgage lender. The S&L had financed development of many residential subdivisions which were then in trouble, in the midst of a high-interest-rate and high-inflation environment.

S.Crow Collateral Corp. provided the S&L with a fully developed strategy and system that enabled the S&L to market about $140 million worth of those developments, in today's dollars, before interest rates and inflation finally began to drop.

A component of that strategy was a tax advantage which S.Crow Collateral Corp. devised and implemented for investors. Together with enhanced cash flow from the strategy, the tax advantage brought in investors who bought into the development projects, in place of the S&L.

Another component provided a much easier path to home ownership for responsible first-time home buyers. These future buyers first leased the homes, with an option to purchase later in the lease term. Their compliance with the terms of the lease over a period of years was agreed to qualify them for permanent financing when they were ready to buy.

S.Crow Collateral Corp. then oversaw arrangements for the later secondary marketing of those loans.

Subsequently, S.Crow Collateral Corp. performed similar work in residential finance, for a variety of development companies and financial-services firms.